Monthly Archives: February 2017

“Off-Off-Off Broadway” coming soonish

Happy to report my story, “Off-Off-Off Broadway,” was recently accepted by Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. The story is about a photographer who finds herself cast in a dangerous drama between an actress and her unfaithful husband. This piece took a while to find its final form. A huge thanks to my short story critique group from Sisters in Crime for their help.

Resist and read

Here in DC, protests are the new Happy Hour. This means I’m not getting my weekly recommended dosage of alcohol. This is also altering my reading list. As the daughter of an immigrant, I’ve always been interested in stories about immigrant experiences. Little Failure: A Memoir by Gary Shteyngart, described as “self-immolating,” (!) is hilarious and intense. Roth’s novel, The Plot Against America, is on my list.