Congratulations ABNA semi-finalists!

Today Amazon announced the five semi-finalists for mystery/thrillers. Alas, my book was not among them. One thing is for certain: it has been an exciting and fun ride. I’m happy to have made it into the quarters, which works out to be about the top 5% of entries.

Favorite cherry-picked excerpts from the Publishers Weekly review of The Overthrow:

“This thriller starts off as a taut tale of two female Oregon detectives hired to remove a troubled teen girl from a religious cult’s forested compound, but it takes a Hitchcockian twist when the liberation of Sierra Langford results in a shooting and increasingly deadly pursuit by sinister unnamed forces.”

And another:

“The torture, fighting, and shoot-em-up sequences are entertaining…”

I’ll take that as a compliment. In any event, it sounds like I wore out the reader by the end, at least in the reviewer’s opinion. Thank you to the awesome reviewer, who wrote such a badass summary. Great feedback. Great contest. Onward and upward….


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